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The website

This website is intended to be a gathering place for those researching Hill family history. My personal focus is on the Hills from Group 6 on the website, but I research many different Hill families trying to find connections to my Hills.

Whatever Hill lines you are interested in, please feel free to browse the forums, and register if you want to join in the conversations.

David Hill
Atlanta, GA, USA administrator

One Scottish Immigrant's Story

I recently posted this to a Facebook group called "The Land Called Scotland"

The Grass is Always Greener?

My DNA Goals

Genealogy is about finding records that document family relations. Until recent years that documentation was either verbal, passed down through the generations of a family, or written, whether in official records, or family bibles, or personal letters that survived the years.

Educated Guesses

Genealogical research sometimes involves making educated guesses and seeing where those guesses lead you.

The two brothers who “went to Texas” are a case in point. In my last blog I made it clear how little we know about those two brothers. Here is what we know:

Two Brothers Went to Texas

In my last blog I write about my Aunt Linda having some notes written by my grandmother about my grandfather's family. In those notes, while talking about his father's family (my great-grandfather George Lafayette Hill), I read "two brothers went to Texas and were never heard from again."

No names, nothing about when they went, just "two brothers."

Here is what evidence I have for siblings of my great-grandfather.

How my Hill Family search began

My great-grandfather, George Lafayette Hill 1843-1922

Growing up, everyone in my family knew our family history on our mother's side. We all had copies of the family tree showing the ancestry of her father. Many lines went back to our American immigrant ancestors, and a few went beyond that, including one line back to John Knox and his second wife Lady Margaret Stewart. Through her we are descended from Scottish and early English royalty, even Norman (as in William the Conqueror).

Hill family originating in Darlington Co, SC

My ancestors come from Darlington County, SC area. My lineage is as
follows and our family has lived in Pulaski Co, Ga for over 150 years. Samuel in fact came here by 1840 per census data.
Father - Joel Andrew Hill
Grandfather - James Thomas Hill
G Grandfather - Benjamine Franklin Hill
GG Grandfather - Samuel Hill


Hypothetical family of James Hill

After pouring over census records for Franklin and Banks counties from 1820 on, I've come up with a list of candidates who might be siblings of my ancestor James Hill, or at least related.

The 1830 Franklin County Georgia census lists the following:
Thomas Hill (born 1771-80)
James Hill (1801-1868)
Anderson Hill (1806-1884)
Caleb Hill (1810-after 1850)

James and Anderson are listed next to each other, and listed four homesteads away is Caleb. Thomas is listed within a page or two of this group.

Group 6 at

As of this writing (2013-10-23) Group 6 has 11 members.

Kits 5079, 34801, and 162386 (me) are descendants of James Hill (1801-1868 GA) of Franklin and Jackson Counties in Georgia.

Kit 4233 is a descendant of William Hill Sr (1774 NC-? TN) of Sullivan and Claiborne counties in Tennessee, through his son Green Berry HILL (1805 VA – 1885 IL).

Kits 5289, 9219, and 54210 are descendants of Foster Hill (abt 1809 VA- abt 1880 TN), who is considered by some to be a son of the above mentioned William Hill Sr.


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