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This forum is about genealogy. Please keep the posts at least vaguely related to Hill family history and relationships. The old standard advice of avoiding politics and religion applies. We may be all related, but that doesn't mean we all think alike. Be respectful of differences.

The mystery of James Hill (1801-1868 in Georgia)

My earliest know Hill ancestor is my 2nd great-grandfather James Hill. Information passed down from my grandfather (Luther Jean "Luke" Hill) says that James came from North Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia, taught school for two or three years, then married Zillah Poole and began farming and raising a family.

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Welcome to This site began in 1998 as a simple website for my family. Over the years the site was neglected, and at the same time my interest in genealogy grew. In 2013 I decided to revamp the website as a discussion forum for Hill family research. Of course, my own personal interest is in my family and other Hill families that are possibly related, but I hope the forum can serve as a gathering place and discussion point for other Hills researching their families.


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