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Hi, I'm David.  Since 1982 my vocational interests have centered around computers, especially the IBM AS/400.  My primary expertise is in RPG, a language apparently little known outside IBM circles.  But work stuff is boring; see my resume if you want to know more.
1958 - my inner child, when he was more visible
My real interests are my family, airplanes, photography, motorcycles, and Colorado, and I try to stay in touch with things scientific, especially theoretical physics and cosmology. 
1958 - my inner child, 
when he was more visible

1974 - ah, the '70s
I have attended several colleges, graduated from none.  I figure when I retire I will go back to school and get that physics degree.  While at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia I read a lot on religion, which is how I discovered Buddhism.  I was raised Presbyterian (very Presbyterian, you should see my family tree), but Buddhist beliefs and practices (especially Zen) ring truer for me than anything else.
1974 - ah, the '70s

After a stint driving with Allied Van Lines, I joined the Army.  I had many reasons for enlisting, one of which was the need to be challenged.  Believe me, being in the Ranger Battalion was a challenge!  I learned more about myself and pushing my personal limits in those two years than any other time of my life. 
1977 - Proudly wearing the Black Beret of the First Ranger Battalion
1977 - Proudly wearing the Black Beret 
of the First Ranger Battalion

1977 - in the field at Camp Oliver
Obviously, I also learned a great deal about the light infantry style of warfare.  I was raised with guns, and easily qualified as an expert marksman in Basic Training, but everything else was new to me.  I was fortunate to have experienced teachers during those years, who taught the  basics (raids, recons, ambushes) with great proficiency.  Much of that training has stayed with me.  To this day I am very uncomfortable walking in the woods with brightly colored clothes or equipment, because it makes me feel like a target.  :-)
1977 - in the field at Camp Oliver 
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I originally enlisted for a three year term.  After two years, I decided before making the decision to re-enlist I wanted to see another part of the Army.  I transferred to 24th A.G Company at Fort Stewart (hence the mustache and long hair in the photo).  A year there convinced me that an Army career was not for me.  It was during this period, however, that my friend Karl Saknit introduced me to the Suzuki GS750, and I've been riding bikes ever since.
1978 - relaxing at my sister's house during the holidays
1978 - relaxing at my sister's 
house during the holidays

1984 - Relaxing on the porch of the old house in Alpharetta, Georgia
My Army enlistment ended in 1979.  I went to UGa in 1980, did various things in 1981, got into computers in 1982, got married in 1983, started a business in 1987, had a kid in 1988, lost the business in 1990, got divorced in 1992.  Yep, that about covers that period.
1984 - Helping out at an airshow
1984 - Relaxing on the porch of the 
old house in Alpharetta, Georgia
1984 - Helping out at an airshow

I have been a proud papa since day one, when I held him just after he was born and he opened his eyes and looked at me.  As I write this Josh is celebrating his 14th birthday.  I know in only a blink of an eye he will be grown and on his own.  Josh is an amazingly bright and insightful child.  There are times when he seems much more "centered" than I.  We've homeschooled Josh since 1999, and in many ways he is already way ahead of kids in college.  May he ever grow in wisdom, courage, and strength.
1991 - my son Josh and I
1991 - my son Josh and I

I love to fly.  Got my Private Pilot's license in 1998, and fly every chance I get (not too often these days).  Check out my Aviation page, if you'd like.  And the photo on the left came from images a friend of mine made, which can be seen here.

2001 - flying