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finding HillDNA.com

How did you find HillDNA.com?

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Ashley, I found hilldna.com when I was searching the internet for information on James Hill and Zillah Poole. That search led me to a page called "Early Hill Families" (currently located at http://users.livingston.net/~jonashill/earlyhills.html). That page mentioned hilldna.com several times.

Once I got to HillDNA.com, I learned about Y-DNA testing and had mine tested. I had already found two participants who are descendants of James and Zillah, so it was no surprise when my Y-DNA results placed me in Group 6 also.

I find that searching the internet with Google or similar search engines is very useful. Even when I get no results, I keep trying every few months as new information is always being posted somewhere.

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